While there will always be new challenges for the Boone County Council, there are long-term issues that continue to need attention. These are important issues Steve Jacob will continue to support:

Four years ago, Steve Jacob, working with both Boone County Council and Commissioners, our county and local law enforcement offices and Boone County town leaders implemented a LIT (local income tax) incentive that led the way for funding of today’s county-wide SRO program with a safety officer in every Boone County School to keep our award winning schools safe.

Steve promoted and provided leadership to put more deputies on the street supporting Sheriff Mike Nielsen’s Five Year strategic plan to keep our communities safe. Steve was recently honored to be named Business Partner of Year by the Zionsville Fire Department.

Throughout his career of public service Steve has continued to bring efficiencies to local government and protecting taxpayer dollars.

Steve will continue to work with all parties and organizations involved for the betterment of everyone in Boone County by working for reasonable long-lasting solutions for the good of our county.

Steve believes in total transparency and public access to Boone County Council meetings and the issues discussed. 
During his time on the Council, meetings have been scheduled both in mornings and evenings to accommodate public attendance.

In addition, all Council meetings minutes are now easily accessed on the Boone County website:

 “I try and take a pragmatic approach to every issue, with a consideration for the greater good of our community. I respect the fact that good people can disagree at times and try to build consensus and reach a compromise when this occurs.” Steve Jacob






I support Steve Jacob for Boone County Council. Steve's continued leadership, values and integrity are what we, as citizens of Boone County, need for our future.

- Jane Burgess - President Zionsville School Board

As Police Chief in Boone County, I am proud to call Steve Jacob, Councilman, but more importantly, a good friend to the residents of Boone County and I am PROUD to support him for our Boone County Council!

- Dennis R. Anderson - Chief of Police, Whitestown

The Boone County Council, under Steve's leadership did a yeoman's job of steering us through difficult times and he continues to do so today. I think Boone County, under Steve's leadership is in good financial condition.

- Marc Applegate - Boone County Commissioner

Steve thank you for all of your help with the mental health legislation we passed at the Statehouse this year. You’re a great public servant!

- Donna Schaibley - Indiana State Representative

"Having worked with Steve Jacob on the Boone County Council, I have observed first hand how he uses his experience and leadership to bring people together with a consensus building approach to management. In addition, Steve's transparency and integrity are above reproach. I strongly urge the Boone County community to re-elect Steve Jacob."

- Brian Buchanan - Indiana State Senator