Experience Really Does Matter.

I have been proud to serve on the Boone County Council since 2002. Over this time I’ve learned a lot about our County and its great people. My experience on the Council has allowed me to work smarter and more efficiently as a problem solver with my fellow Council members.

As a consensus builder by nature, I’m always open to the opinions and viewpoints of our Council members. I’ve found this perspective continually results in the best solution – one that will better serve the most people in Boone County. 

Council decisions are still a matter of a majority vote by the members. By working together we have accomplished some good things with still more opportunities to grow the quality of life we enjoy in Boone County. 

Be the Effective Person.

The first company I worked for was the Bell System, Indiana Bell System, where I was mentored by the then president of the corporation. He told me that when hiring people, look for smart people, people doing the right thing for the right reason and then effective people. He then said hire in the reverse order and get the effective person first! I’ve taken this advice to heart in my business career and now in my time as a public servant – to be the most effective and engaged member of our Boone County Council.

Your Word is Your Bond.

Growing up on an Indiana farm, my Dad’s favorite comments were “Your word is your bond.” and “Lead your life as clean as a hound’s tooth.” While I still don’t know how clean a hound’s tooth really is but I grew to understand what my Dad meant and have tried to lead my life in exactly this manner.

Do the Right Thing for the Right Reasons.

I really try to lead my life with this phrase in mind. Before I agree to any vote or back any initiative for our County, I always make sure the right reasons are included. This continues to serve me very well as our County Council faces with new and more complicated decisions every month.


I support Steve Jacob for Boone County Council. Steve's continued leadership, values and integrity are what we, as citizens of Boone County, need for our future.

- Jane Burgess - President Zionsville School Board

As Police Chief in Boone County, I am proud to call Steve Jacob, Councilman, but more importantly, a good friend to the residents of Boone County and I am PROUD to support him for our Boone County Council!

- Dennis R. Anderson - Chief of Police, Whitestown

The Boone County Council, under Steve's leadership did a yeoman's job of steering us through difficult times and he continues to do so today. I think Boone County, under Steve's leadership is in good financial condition.

- Marc Applegate - Boone County Commissioner

Steve thank you for all of your help with the mental health legislation we passed at the Statehouse this year. You’re a great public servant!

- Donna Schaibley - Indiana State Representative

"Having worked with Steve Jacob on the Boone County Council, I have observed first hand how he uses his experience and leadership to bring people together with a consensus building approach to management. In addition, Steve's transparency and integrity are above reproach. I strongly urge the Boone County community to re-elect Steve Jacob."

- Brian Buchanan - Indiana State Senator